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Helping children and teenagers reach their potential
Budding Superstars is a specialist education practice in Scotland that helps children and teenagers reach their academic potential. We specialise in providing support to children and teenagers who have experienced childhood illnesses and learning profiles.
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About Us

Tutors at Budding Superstars have extensive experience in providing support to teenagers with a range of profiles, including:

Who We Are

Budding Superstars™ is a UK-based organization with two main objectives in enabling learners with Dyslexia to reach their full potential:
Raising awareness of Dyslexia, a condition that affects one in ten people in the UK
Working with education stakeholders to promote comprehensive teaching strategies for unlocking the potential of learners with Dyslexia.

What We Do

Our battle over dyslexia comprises two main work-streams:
We develop for parents, educators and learners toolkits and a wealth of information and printable materials to raise awareness about dyslexia
To spread the word and educate others, we conduct campaigns to raise dyslexia awareness across the UK

Why We Do It

Committed to impacting British learners with dyslexia, a condition that may not have a cure
Our passion is about preventing reading difficulties and developmental delays
Guided by familial insights, we advocate for teaching methods that aid at-risk dyslexic learners
Our goal is to demystify dyslexia, enabling affected youth to thrive
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Molly, 15 years old, was feeling frustrated and upset after putting in very long hours on a weekly basis only for her grades to remain the same. Molly's mother arranged for twice weekly tutorials prior to her exams in May. Molly was able to change her study approach with academic support. In just a few weeks, Molly felt happier with her work and did very well in her end of year exams. After receiving her exam results, Molly decided to study at university and was awarded an internship with a prestigious firm.

Case Studies

Since 1995, we have helped and supported many teenagers reach their potential. We provide a few case studies from our practice.
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Dr McDonald
"Budding Superstars is one of the leading education practices in the UK and deserves to be - the team is brilliant and I highly recommend the service. My children are very happy and have come on leaps and bounds."

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