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Join Our Intergalactic Fleet!

Pilot your own Budding Superstars Franchise
Would you like to become part of the Budding Superstars Family? We're on the hunt for an Educator Missions Specialist (that's our way of saying someone passionate about educating the next generation) to carry on the Budding Superstars name - that's right, we're offering you the chance to own your very own franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we talk you through our franchise options, here's some commonly asked questions about franchises that we hope you find useful.
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Budding Superstars Remote

So you've decided to go for it and take out a Budding Superstars franchise. The first thing you'll need to decide is which one of our packages is best for you.
Our first package is a virtual offering - a great option if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into but have other commitments that may make it difficult for you to work full time. All you need to do is work a minimum of 25 hours a week, building up your business around your current lifestyle.
Fabulous for parents who want to do something around their child's school hours, someone looking to work part-time, or anyone who simply wants to try out something new.